Prominent Consumer Defense Attorney Is Calling On Consumers Throughout North Carolina And Nationwide To Fight Against Illegal Foreclosures

Learn What You Can Do To Stop Foreclosure

Here is small sample of what you’ll discover from taking this brief survey…

  • We’ll be able to have a clear analysis on where you are in the Foreclosure Process and we can do to help Save Your Home
  • We’ll be able to quickly determine what the best Foreclosure Defense strategies are to Stop Your Foreclosure
  • We’ll be able to use this information to begin a Securitization Audit to determine a break in your Chain of Title
  • We’ll be able to identify if MERS has any involvement in your loan as well as all non parties of interest
  • We’ll be able to use this information to setup a Free consultation to review your Foreclosure situation

and much much more…

Dear Consumer,

I will not try to convince you to take this quick assessment survey to evaluate what you can do Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Home.

I will however share with you that as a Consumer defense attorney …I believe the misbehavior by Bank, Servicers and MERS is improper, and as a consumer you do have options provided you take affirmative action to Save Your Home from Foreclosure.

As a North Carolina consumer defense attorney I’ve seen it all, fought against it, and have been able to show sufficient evidence to invalidate foreclosure claims, leaving the consumer as the real and rightful party in interest.

And that reason is to provide Foreclosure Help to “Serious consumers” who want to take action to¬† Stop Foreclosure Fraud and Save Their Homes.

The letter of the law is black and white, and many foreclosures exist in what I describe as that grey area, in which the law is not followed.

The problem is that most consumers don’t know the letter of the law and invalidate their rights to due process, thus allowing foreclosures to happen without proper inspection, validation and most importantly objection.

To Save Your Home and Avoid Foreclosure takes a winning spirit, winning attitude …but most importantly a step by step approach to evidence all facts and bring forth the proper case.